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chef Virginia stockwell

Chef Virginia has been passionately cooking since she was ten years old, taking inventory of the refrigerator on Saturday mornings, then running into each family member's room, writing down breakfast orders.    

She continued through college experimenting with the creation of salad dressings, pesto and pasta sauces while reading books about taking care of the body through proper nutrition.   After graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from LCCW in Hayward, California, her cooking hobby continued as she hosted celebrations, staging elegant buffets and garnishing plated dinners.

In 2005, Virginia entered a career of catering, both as server and kitchen assistant  where she learned about fine dining services and plating techniques.  She has cooked and served in hundreds of private kitchens around the Charlottesville area.     

In 2012, Virginia was inspired to start Simply-VA for busy families and individuals interested in healthy weeknight dinners at home.  She continues to read cookbooks like novels, compiling a recipe database that covers each season and accommodates different palates. 

Influenced by growing up with the fresh produce of southern California, her most popular dinners are chicken piccata, taco night with homemade refried beans and seasoned ground turkey, baked meatballs in marinara, brown rice and cilantro pesto stuffed portobellos, chicken pot pie, Asian marinated salmon, bourbon marinated filet mignon, artichoke  and leek soup, shrimp fra diavolo, and Thai chicken salad.

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