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Weeknight Dinners for the Health Conscious of Charlottesville, Virginia

Based on your preferences, each week a menu of meal choices are offered from which you choose three complete meals. Because of allergies, food preferences and dietary lifestyles, there is no set menu for each week.  Virginia Stockwell, Personal Chef of Simply-VA, considers the family's needs and creates a unique menu for each of them. This is a sampling of dishes made over the years.

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Come home to meals prepared for you, ready to eat, made from fresh organic vegetables and hormone-free meats.   The chef shows up with groceries, cooks the meals in your kitchen, and places them in the refrigerator for heat and serve throughout the week. You're welcome to use the Simply-VA Personal Chef service on a weekly basis, just one time, or once a month. Special diets are always accommodated. Roll down for photos, pricing and contact info.


Chef Virginia Stockwell will come to your home to discuss your dietary needs and allergies, check out your kitchen, and set up your first personal chef appointment.

Reserve an in-person complimentary consultation at

There's a new page in town. The holidays are upon us, so I've added a special page called Kitchen Tools with gifts to your aspiring chef friends, kids who enjoy cooking, and maybe one for yourself.

Cooking in your kitchen

Meals are prepared in your kitchen and offered as a cooking service rather than a meal delivery service. Personal chef sessions are available Monday through Friday and last two to three hours. Most clients work from home, so it's not unusual for the chef to be cooking in the kitchen while you're working in your home office. If you work outside the home, arrangements can be made for access to the kitchen.


Service fee is $250 + cost of groceries for one personal chef session of three dinners and includes grocery shopping. Service can be used once a week, every other week, or just when you need it.

Payment via Venmo, cash, check, or Bitcoin is due on the date of service.  Yes, you're welcome to purchase a personal chef session as a gift.

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