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Personal Chef for Charlottesville, VA       

Weeknight Dinners

Simply-VA, Personal Chef for Charlottesville, Virginia  

When your intentions are to eat healthy, but time just doesn't allow, hire a Personal Chef!  Simply-VA offers weekly or occasional cooking services in  your home, serving Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and most surrounding areas.

Your Own Personal Chef: 
Based on your preferences, each week you're offered a sample menu of dishes from which you choose three complete meals.  Every meal doesn't have to be "heat and serve".  One meal can be fully cooked while the others have been prepped so you can put dinner together fresh within ten minutes.  Meals are customized according to your family size and needsEvery family receives a unique menu.  If you don't like asparagus, you will never see it on your menu.  Ingredient substitutions are always welcome.  Each week's menu emphasizes this season's produce, complemented by a protein.  Special diets are always accommodated.

Cost:  $200 per personal chef session + cost of groceries, obviously varying depending on the menu.  One personal chef session consists of three meals and includes grocery shopping.  Personal chef appointments can be set for the same time and day on a weekly basis, or may vary from week-to-week as you choose.  There is no contract obligation and you're always welcome to use this service on an "as needed" basis.

Reserve your initial complimentary in-person personal chef consultation at or (434) 825-9510.  Email is always the best way to reach me.  This personal chef experience is available in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and most surrounding areas

How the Personal Chef Service works...

1) Email Virginia Stockwell at for a complimentary consultation with your preferred date, time, and address.  I try to respond as quickly as possible between cooking appointments. 

2) I will come to your home to discuss your needs, check out your kitchen, and set up your first cook date and time.  The meeting could be as quick as 10 minutes or as long as 30 minutes.

3) Following the meeting, a seasonal menu of several meal choices will be emailed to you for approval.  You choose which 3 meals you feel like eating this week.  

4) Next, you'll receive an emailed grocery list that includes all the items needed to prepare the three meals.  You'll check off the items you have on hand, email the corrected grocery list back, and I'll know that the remaining items need to be picked up at the grocery store prior to your appointment. 

5) A
t the scheduled time, I'll arrive with my personal cookware and knives.  Using your containers, meals will be packaged and labeled.  The final menu with any preparation instructions are left behind.  Payment for services and grocery reimbursement is due on the day of service.  Grocery receipts will be provided.  You don't have to be home at the time of service, just leave payment behind.  

6) A few days later, I'll email to find out if you'd like to set up the service again for next week, same time.  You're welcome to provide any special requests at that time or I will suggest a few dishes for you.  

Frequent Questions...

Why do I need an in-person consultation prior to the personal chef session?  The initial consultation gives me a chance to check out your kitchen and see what cookware I'll need to bring to complete your weekly menus successfully.  It also gives us a chance to meet as oftentimes, you're not around during the cooking session.  During this consultation, you can share with me any allergies and food preferences.

Do you offer meal deliveries rather than cooking in my kitchen?  A commercial kitchen is required by the Virginia Department of Health when preparing meals for the public.  Meals are prepared directly in your kitchen and offered as a cooking service rather than a meal delivery service. 

When does the cooking take place?  Cooking services are available Monday morning through Friday afternoon with various start-time options. Cook sessions are approximately three to four hours.  Appointment availability may change week-to-week and month-to-month.  If you have a particular day that you'd prefer, I'll do my best to make it work.

Do I have to be home during the personal chef service?  Most of my clients work from home, so it's not unusual for me to be cooking in the kitchen and you to be working in your home office.  If you work outside the home, we can make arrangements for my access to the kitchen.

Can I choose my weekly meals?  Meal requests are welcome, though most clients prefer the creativity of my weekly seasonal menu offerings that fit their taste preferences.

Is there a contract obligation?  
No contract obligation is required.  You can use the cooking service on a weekly basis, just one time, or once a month.  The courtesy of a 72-hour cancellation is always welcome, however.

When is payment made for services rendered?  
Payment is made at the time of service on a per-visit basis.  Payment is preferred in cash or check made payable to "Simply-VA". 

Does Simply-VA do catering?  Most weekend afternoons and evenings are spent preparing plated dinners, party platters, and buffets for your guests.  Start a monthly supper club at your home or perhaps a wine pairing plated dinner for 10 of your closest friends! 

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I look forward to being a part of your health!  Best Wishes from Virginia Stockwell, Charlottesville Personal Chef and owner of Simply-VA
Email is always the best way to reach me

(434) 825-9510

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